Centaurea × psammogena
(Diffuse-Spotted Knapweed Hybrid)
Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower)
Noxious Weed!

Diffuse-Spotted Knapweed hybrids are common and grow where Diffuse Knapweed is found. Flowers are purple or white. Bracts have a dark tip (similar to Spotted Knapweed) and long bristles on the margins (similar to Diffuse Knapweed).

The hybrid plants reproduce, and often neither Diffuse nor Spotted Knapweed are growing near the hybrid populations. It is believed the hybridization occurred long ago before the knapweeds were brought to North America. Hybrid seeds were imported and have spread. There is no evidence of continued hybridization between the two species.

Vegetation zone:   Foothills, Montane
Time of bloom:  June - September
Origin:  Introduced  Noxious Weed
Eastern Colorado Wildflowers