Geranium richardsonii
(Richardson Geranium)
Geraniaceae (Geranium)
Geranium richardsonii has white flowers with purple streaks growing on single or few erect stems. It is usually found on moist sites, often under tree canopies in the mountains. A similar species, Geranium caespitosum, has a bushier growth habit with many flowering stems. G. caespitosum grows on drier sites and is the common species of the foothills. Confusion can arise as many sources describe G. caespitosum as having pink flowers and G. richardsonii as white-flowered. Flowers of G. caespitosum are often white, however, so habitat and growth habit are better methods for separating the species.

Vegetation zone:  Foothills, Montane, Subalpine
Time of bloom:  May - September
Origin:  Native
Eastern Colorado Wildflowers