Grindelia subalpina (Subalpine Gumweed)
Asteraceae (Sunflower)
Subalpine Gumweed has curved, sticky bracts at the base of the flower heads. Gumweed is common on dry sites. Often thought of as a weed, it is a native plant.  Despite the name Subalpine Gumweed, G. subalpina occurs down to the plains and elevation is not a good method for identifying the species.

Compare to Grindelia squarrosa. Leaves are the most useful method to separate the species. Teeth on leaves of G. subalpina are spaced further apart, are pointed and point outwards from the margin. Teeth on G. squarrosa are closer together, somewhat rounded and point toward the leaf tip.

Vegetation zone:  Plains, Foothills, Montane, Subalpine
Time of bloom:  July - September
Origin:  Native
Eastern Colorado Wildflowers